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Whether your wanting to simply freshen up your stock 4bt Cummins or build a performance 4bt engine, DieselTuff.com has a wide range of parts for your 3.9L.

From the Holset 40mm, 44mm or 46mm Super HX30W to the newer faster spooling Holset HE series HE221W turbo’s.

We carry stock & performance Bosch 4bt VE’s and also carry stock & performance 4bt P7100’s up to 520cc’s as well as fuel injector lines for both. Want a 4bt p7100 conversion kit ? Yes, we have them. Plus performance parts for inside injection pumps from 3200 governor spring to 4000rpm rev springs. 4bt fuel pins & delivery valve selection. Of course we carry a wide range of 4bt injectors in SAC & VCO also.

Heavy Duty 4bt valve springs, retainers & locks, to 4bt camshafts & lifters.

HVLP ( high volume low pressure ) fuel lift pumps to HVHP ( high volume high pressure ) lift pumps & install kits. Building a higher hp 4bt , try one of the higher pressure oil pumps.

Want a 4bt long block engine or a almost complete engine – DieselTuff.com has it.

We carry even some smaller parts like 4bt oil dipstick, valve cover & gaskets, to pulleys, seals & even 4bt power steering pumps.

Also known as DieselTuff.com

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